Rodef Tzedek


Rodef Tzedek – Pursuing Justice

A Jewish vision of a just society is built around the value of Shalom.  Shalom not only means “peace,” but it also shares the Hebrew root for “complete” or “wholeness.”  Shalom might better be translated as “Harmony,” the peaceful co-existence of all separate parts of the universe.  Shalom is another expression of Unity, which is a core Jewish value as expressed in the central Jewish teaching known as the Shema.

Pursuit of Justice can be done on many levels in many contexts.  Each of us needs to look at our own situation to see how best to direct our impact towards justice.  The Jewish Reconstructionist Communities is engaged in this pursuit.  Friends and family around us in our local community may also hold opportunities for us to pursue justice in the society around us.

We can share with each other online the nature and extent of the justice work we are doing to see how we can assist each other.