Avodah – Acts of Devotion, Prayer, Meditation and Celebration

Acts of devotion and celebration may be connected to daily activities and also to life-cycle moments.

1) There are many everyday devotional activities that can be opportunities for connecting to Jewish life, learning, community and commitment regardless of where you are.  All of these acts bring together action and consciousness. They can include some form of dietary practices, placing a mezuzah on your door, prayer or meditation, reciting blessings before and after eating and at special moments.

2) There are also moments during the journey of life – birth, coming of age, marriage, retirement, divorce, death, mourning, illness, recovery – which can be important times of private meaning or shared celebration.

The Jewish Reconstructionist Press www.jewishreconbooks.org publishes a two-volume Guide to Jewish Practice  that puts forth a way to approach both sorts of moments.